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15K "China Box"

Single colour (Green)
ScanEco15 galvos, ILDA 15Kpps.



This Laser scanner is built out of OEM components only.

Let me show you, what my so called 15K "China Box" can do.
Click to see the Graphic Video(8Mb).

The Ilda test pattern at 15Kpps, before and after adjustment.

The progress...

10-04-2007. Look at the nice ILDA test pictures and see what happened when I tweaked the pots on the driver module. Now it makes the 15K at least. Should have done that from the beginning.

02-04-2007. I might have misunderstood something. On a German forum they talk about modified driver boards for these galvos, that makes them much faster (20-25K). And the ebay seller writes that there is “no feedback output” on it. After I did a little more research, I found out that this “feedback output” is an output signal for some kind of safety shutter that blanks the laser, in case there’s no movement on the galvo. So, I guess I was wrong assuming the optical feedback isn’t used. But still there are room for improvement – Maybe if I get a schematic one day.

28-03-2007. I found out that that the optical feedback system is NOT used in this kind of scanners. That makes me wonder if I could modify the driver board and and make it work. I mean, the galvos can do the job for shure. Why not the driver? It could be fun to see what difference it would make.

It's time for action points on this page:
  1. RGY (red, green, yellow) laser setup.  (Canceled)
  2. Enable feedback.                               (Canceled - already made :-)
  3. Misc. mechanical work on the box.      (Done)


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